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UPDATE: 2/4/2013

“Wie Sind die eBay!”

Hey, guys. Sorry I haven’t been updating the site much recently. Frankly, Bluehost has been so terrible, with the site going down constantly and unable to handle even a modicum of traffic, that I figure I have to get that well in hand before worrying about regular updates or re-designing the site. Both of which need to happen.

But before that, the Attack on Titan review is done! Well, part one of it. Of two. And then another video after that, so more like three parts.



As noted in the video, I’m having a big Super eBay sale of loads of Blurays and DVDS from my collection! So pop on by there and see if anything tickles your fancy. :D

That’s all for now. Updates until further notice will be sporadic and random. May not be on a Monday or Friday, may be more or less frequent, just depends. Gotta overhaul this here JO-dot-com.

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